Post Your East Hall Memories Here!

As a cornerstone of the Muhlenberg campus since 1903, East Hall conjures up fond memories for ‘Berg alumni across many decades.  If you have a memory or story you’d like to share from time that you’ve spent in East, please post it here.

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5 thoughts on “Post Your East Hall Memories Here!

  1. Heather (Fox) Lavin '08

    I lived in the first floor triple with the bay window in F hall. We always had late night visitors and residents who locked themselves out knocking on our windows to get let into the building. We also had a prime view of the quad and did a lot of people watching!

  2. Rebekkah Brown '99

    I lived in East my sophomore and junior years at Muhlenberg and loved it! Each room had its own fireplace, and while they weren’t functional at the time I lived there, it added charm to the room. Several friends lived in A where I was and others were nearby in B…I can still remember hearing folks down the hall laughing and having fun! Definitely time for a renovation, but so glad that the charm and character of East are being retained. I loved living there and hope other students will have the same great experience!!

  3. Heather (Lenz) & Greg Adams - '07 & '05

    Although neither one of us lived in East, many of our friends did, including the Campus Delegate who hosted me as a prospective student and introduced me to Greg. I remember sitting around eating takeout and watching movies during the snowstorm of 2003 (probably the last time classes were cancelled for snow!) and looking out her window at the snow-blanketed quad. The building is such a beautiful staple of campus and a special place for us. I’m thrilled that it will be renovated instead of replaced, so that we can visit and share our story with generations to come!

  4. George R. Eichler,MD. '53

    My dad, who was a member of the class of ’14, was showing me around campus when I was in high school, and I noted the inscription Perk’s Hall over the front archway. I asked him if Perks was the donor of the building. He laughed and said that it was originally called Berk’s Hall because it was the gift of the Lutheran Congregations of Berks county. When and how the bottom loop of the B had broken off and when they started calling it East Hall remains a mystery. Walter Berger, who along with his alumnae wife Margaret, donated the Learning Center in the Eddinger building told about his jumping out of a window during a fire in East Hall probably in the teens during WW I. Was it due to fire damage? The scars of the bottom half of the loop of the B can still be seen if one looks carefully. Is the bottom half of the B going to be restored, or kept the way it is . These are the things of which legends are made. Perhaps someone can tell us how this occurred.

  5. Sarah Rosenthal '10

    During my sophomore year I was living in East in C Hall with Danielle Yavorski ’10 and Jen Gable ’10 who lived down the hallway in D Hall. We were brainstorming ways to raise money for our Relay For Life team and after looking through a fundraising packet, decided that using a purple toilet to replace the chairs of professors would be equally hysterical and attention grabbing. We found one on Craig’s List and after driving to pick it up on a Saturday night, brought it to the bathroom for disinfecting with the help of Jason Steinberg ’11. The RA on duty walked into the bathroom while we were there and after getting over her initial shock that it wasn’t a serious situation, she threw up her hands, said “I don’t even want to know”, and walked out. The fundraiser ended up being highly successful and purple toilets were the talk of campus for quite a few weeks.

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